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Embrace a life free from pain.

Safe, effective and naturally drug-free pain management for acute and chronic pain

Acupuncture for pain in Alpharetta & Greater Atlanta



Pain is inevitable, but living with it is optional. At Thrive, our natural treatment plans help you solve the root cause of pain so you can enjoy your life in comfort.

Are you tired of living with nagging pains or lingering injuries?

Pain doesn't just make life uncomfortable - it can keep you from living each day to the fullest.
Whether you want a fully natural approach to pain relief or want to reduce your dependence on pain medication, we can help.


Acupuncture offers quick and potent pain-relieving benefits, all while promoting your body's natural healing response to stop pain at the source. 



A drug-free approach to lasting pain relief


Whether your pain is a new symptom or you've been managing it for years, our natural therapies can help.




Back Pain   






Tennis Elbow




Knee, Hip, & Sciatica Pain 





Osteoarthritis Pain




   Neck & Shoulder Pain 





Headaches & Migraines 




Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  






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The path to a pain-free life


Your treatment plan targets 3 essential phases to heal your pain from the root:


Symptom Relief

Acupuncture's natural analgesic effects help quiet overactive pain signals and calm your nervous system. It releases natural painkillers like endorphins and enkephalins (some of which are 10-200X more powerful than pain medication!). 


Tissue Repair

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal by creating “micro traumas.” As the body heals the micro traumas induced by acupuncture, it also heals any surrounding tissue damage left over from old injuries.


Restored Function 


The final stage of healing focuses on restoring optimal function, mobility, stability, and injury prevention. We continue to improve circulation, keep inflammation at bay, and strengthen your body's overall resilience.

We guide you every step of the way...


Schedule a free consultation.

Share your story and get to know how our approach can help you relieve your pain naturally in a free 15-minute consultation. 


Start your custom wellness plan.


Your treatment plan is designed to help you feel immediate relief and enhance your body's natural ability to heal - both through treatments with us and pain-relieving self-care practices at home. 


Enjoy your life, free of pain. 


Everything we do helps your body return to its healthiest, most balanced state so you can stop living in pain and live the life you want.



With our holistic approach, you can heal faster. 


In addition to your acupuncture treatment, you may also benefit from additional healing therapies to help ease your pain faster and heal more completely.

       Electric Stimulation

       Cupping and Gua ShaI

       Tui Na Massage 

       Topical Herbal Application


       Herbal and Nutritional Supplements

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I got my neck back to normal...
"When my stiff neck (understatement of the year!) started acting up while I was quarantining for the winter in GA, I reached out to Fabiola for help based on the strength of her credentials - I didn't know anyone locally who could make a referral. She was an absolute professional, extremely hygienic (so scary to go to a new practice in the midst of the COVID pandemic! But her office is an oasis of calm and cleanliness) and got my neck back to normal. It took a few treatments. This was as I expected, because I've been through this before, and I knew my condition was severe and it would not be "one and done." I had a few treatments over the course of a week, but each treatment led to marked improvement and within a week, a return to health. I went from not being able to turn my head to even change lanes while driving, to almost full range of motion with nothing more than a dull ache within a week. After another week, all was fine, complete range of motion and even the linger dull pressure was gone. Her care and skill were among the best I've ever had.


Pain relief is just the beginning...

Injury Prevention 
Playing Basketball

Acupuncture and holistic therapies don't just help you relieve current pain - they also support your musculoskeletal and nervous systems to prevent reinjury and new injuries. We recommend ongoing maintenance visits to help you continue to thrive long after the pain is gone.

Athletic Performance

Acupuncture is a secret weapon for professional and amateur athletes who want to crush their performance goals. A consistent acupuncture treatment schedule is key if you want to heal from sports injuries faster, enhance muscle recovery, boost energy, and improve focus.

What Does The Research Say?
Acupuncture Found Effective for Chronic Pain

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Image by Katherine Hanlon
How Acupuncture Works for Pain Relief

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Acupuncture Enhances Athletic Performance

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Imagine what life would be like if pain wasn't standing in your way.



Are you ready to stop pain at the root and enjoy being active again?


Schedule your FREE consultation now to learn more about how acupuncture can help.


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