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High Quality Snack Ideas


  • Paleo ranch dressing (Primal Kitchen or Tessa Mae’s) with pre- cut vegetables

  • Organic nut butters with celery, apples, etc.


  • Kite hill cheese (almond milk cheese) with Simple Mills crackers (in moderation)


  • 85% (or higher) dark chocolate (in moderation)


  • Macadamia nuts – best choice (lower omega 6) – in moderation


  • Olives – stuffed or plain – all types


  • High quality pastured organic cheese (if tolerated) & pepperoni (nitrate free)


  • Hard-boiled eggs


  • Beef Jerky – Nicks Sticks, Epic and other pastured products.


  • Guacamole – with vegetables, pork rinds (Epic), or plantain chips/Siete chips (in moderatio


  • Bulletproof Bars


  • Coconut Kefir (or high quality low to no sugar coconut milk yogurt or organic/pastured milk yogurt) and berries.


  • Chicken Salad on plantain/sweet potato chips (homemade or high quality ones – Jackson’s


  • Honest makes the best sweet potato chips and we like Barnana Plantain Chips) or on sliced cucumbers, carrots, etc.


  • Coconut Chips (no sugar)


  • Kale Chips (homemade or clean/organic store bought)

Many snacks (any chips, nut crackers, dark chocolate, etc) will fall under the treat are of your diet (10% of what you eat). Remember that real unprocessed foods should make up 90% of what you eat!


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